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Above: Backstage at the White House before the Q&A went live. 

Today President Obama sat down with David Karp, the founder of Tumblr, for a Q&A on education and the state of student loan debt in America. The questions themselves came from the Tumblr community; several notable Tumblr bloggers- like ilovecharts and jtotheizzoe- were asked to help curate and choose the best ones for the president to answer, and it was all streamed live on Tumblr this afternoon. 

We took a quick look at Tumblr activity around the @obamaIRL event, which has seen huge amount of engagement so far (nobody gets reblogged like the president, after all!). In the past week, there have been more than 1500 #obamaIRL posts receiving 276,000 notes from more than 259,000 unique Tumblr users. The @whitehouse’s top post about the event has already received more than 233k notes in just 24 hours!

Whoa! Thanks to everyone who participated, you guys are awesome.

Find out more about yesterday’s event — see what you missed, and check out some great resources for education and college affordability.


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