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Just a little super long appreciation post of all those times, of four years which now end. When we were wondering all the time if we would get anything at all, if they were working, if they even cared at all. To show us all now that, yes, yes to all of it. Raise your glasses to all the nights of doubt, the days of boredom, the hours-days-weeks-months-years of believing. Because faith is what dreams are made of.

getting ready to shoot @bradelterman

So ashamed


I really can’t believe what BOOM this 22 sec of new video caused…such negativity…such critisizing without even knowing whole CD …just by hearing two songs they think OH THIS CD WILL SUCK…IT’S NOT ROCK, GERMAN, GROWN UP AND YEAH BILL SPEAKS AWFUL ENGLISH…so much about “smarties” who are even worse…

I promise you there is more positivity buried somewhere in the midst of all of the hate. Focus on that. Hopefully the boys do.


Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the sexiness of these gifs